Side Effects of Weight Gain or Mass Gain supplements [REAL TRUTH]

side-effects of weight gain powders

Side Effects of Weight Gain or Mass Gain supplements [REAL TRUTH]

If you are the one is taking mass gainers or weight gainers and start thinking that their physique will transform within months.
You must know the real truth about mass gainers and the side effects of weight gain and mass gain supplements.
Mass gainers are not magical drinks that can make you gain weight easily.

Weight gain or mass gain supplements are loaded with harmful calories.

Mass gainers contain a high amount of carbohydrates, fats, and sugar.

People start consuming mass gainers for fast results without knowing its side-effects, how badly mass gainers can harm you in the long run.

When you join the gym, you want to gain muscles and weight within months. The trainers in the gym suggest you take mass gainer to gain weight.
But you must know how mass gainers work in your body.
People without doing any research, buy mass gainers for weight.

Generally, bodybuilders use mass gainers or weight gainers in their offseason to gain weight and muscles.

Before discussing the side-effects of mass gainers, you must what mass gainers are, how they work, should you take it or not, for how much time you can consume it, and the last its side-effects.

What are weight gain or mass gain supplements?

Weight gain supplements are loaded with carbohydrates, fats, sugar with many other nutrients.
Weight gain supplements are easily consumable and easy to drink.
All you need to take water or milk according to your choice and mix the supplements in a shaker, and your drink is ready.

Mass gainers contain a considerable amount of calories due to which it helps you in gaining weight.
The weight gain process is straightforward. All you need to be in a caloric surplus, and then slowly, you start gaining weight.


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how weight gain or mass gain supplements work?


Mass gainers work in an effortless manner, due to such dense calories,  when you start taking it, your body starts gaining weight.

People who want quick results start taking mass gainers.

Mostly the gainers which are available in the market contain 700-1000 calories per serving. This amount of calories is totally waste because your body can use up to 500-600 calories at a time and then that calories are collected as a fat onto your body.

side effects of mass gain or weight gain supplements


1.unwanted fats

One of the most significant side effects of mass gainers or weight gainers is they are highly caloric due to which you gain unwanted fats or bad fats.

The human body can only use 500-600 calories for providing you energy at a time. The rest other calories that you have consumed will start storing as unwanted fats on your body.
It is seen that many people, after using mass gainers, get their tummy out, and love handles(side fats ).

This is one of the most significant side-effects of mass gainer.
It is more beneficial to take good whey protein instead of taking weight gainers.

For muscle gain, protein is much more critical than bad carbohydrates and sugars.
Mass gainers give you calories by carbohydrates, which are readily available in our homes. you should not invest your hard-earned money in gaining undesired fats.

By eating oats, brown rice, and brown bread, you can easily manage the calories which you are getting from mass gainers.

For muscle gain, whey protein is always above the mass gainers.

2.high sugar level

For increasing the no of calories in mass gainers, companies add sugar in a considerable amount.

Using too much sugar is always bad for health.

Just for gaining weight or gaining muscle mass, consuming sugar is not at all the best decision.

With a high amount of sugar, you may give birth to various health problems.

Highly educated doctors also recommend staying away from sugar as sugar can harm your health.

Sugar can destroy your immune system and can give birth to type-2 diabetes and blood pressure problems.

3.diarrhea and stomach problems

Due to the presence of vitamin C and iron in high amounts in mass gainers, many people suffer from digestion problems.

This is an uncommon side-effect, but some people who had taken mass gainers have faced such kind of digestion issues.

When you start taking such more amount of calories all of a sudden, your body can’t be able to digest them properly, and they remain insoluble in blood.


4.liver and kidney problems

It is found that many people who are already on a high protein diet start taking weight gain supplements, which is wrong.

You should not consume weight gainers while being on a high protein diet.

With high protein and weight, gainers liver and kidney face problems.

The liver is not able to work correctly, and the kidney cant able to extract the waste from the urine.

points to remember when taking weight gainers

  1. Start taking liver supplements like liv 52 DS so that your liver is protected.
  2. Take 3-4 liters of water daily so that your blood doesn’t become thick, and for proper absorption of nutrients, water is most essential.
  3. If you have already bought mass gainers, then you can take half scoop of it 2-3 times in a day.
  4. Don’t take mass gainer if you are on a high protein diet.


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