Is mass gainer good for skinny guys?-read it before taking mass gainers


No, it is advisable to take whey protein instead of buying a mass gainer.
Although it depends upon the goal and your lifestyle, whether you should take mass gainer or whey protein.

If you are a college-going student or a person who is doing a job and don’t have time to eat, then you may go for a mass gainer because mass gainers are a meal replacement highly loaded with carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

At the same time, mass gainers and whey protein both are good for skinny guys who are suffering to gain weight. But if you want to gain lean muscle mass, then you should only buy whey protein because consuming mass gainer will increase your mass but with some fats. So if you don’t want to get fat on your body, then you must buy whey protein only.


And if you are the guy who wants to gain weight with some fat, then you may buy a mass gainer.

Mass gainers are very popular nowadays.
Before buying, you should know what the mass gainer is?
How does mass gainers help skinny guys to build mass and gain weight?
What are the benefits and side-effects of having a mass gainer in your diet?
So let’s start…

what are mass gainers

Mass gainers are the supplements that help you to take more calories and increase your weight and muscle mass. Mass gainers are full of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Good quality mass gainers also include BCAA’s glutamine and creatine into it. So they are fully packed with the essential nutrients which we require while building up a good physique. The quantity of protein carbs and fats in mass gainers differs from another company’s mass gainer.
In simple words, mass gainers help you to load more and more calories in your body with a simple shake.

Mass gainers also help in better performance at the gym and recovery.
but mass gainers are loaded with bad calories that are not suitable for your body. A high amount of sugar is present in 1 scoop of mass gainers. So if you are supposed to take three scoops a day, that means you are consuming a hell lot of sugar. Too much sugar can lead to a variety of diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

Being skinny should I take mass gainer or not?

Let me tell you my story first.  I am the person who was quite skinny and ectomorphy body type which means I can’t gain weight quickly. Being an ectomorph, I had a minimal appetite; I was the one who can’t eat. If you are willing to gain weight, then you must eat in a caloric surplus. My weight was around 46 kg when I started the gym. Now I am 60 kg, it took me around one year to gain this weight.
I haven’t bought any mass gainer yet, yes it is true that mass gainers drastically increase your weight but also with some amount of fat. And it was obvious that I want a lean physique with a minimal amount of fat.

If you want results in a concise time, then take mass gainer.

So what I want to conclude that if you’re going just to gain and increase your body frame, you can buy mass gainer, but keep in mind you will also start noticing fats on your skin. you might see that your skin is becoming thick.

Start eating more and more in small amounts so that you can keep your diet in a caloric surplus. You will never ever gain weight without being caloric surplus.
Mass gainers are full of calories. Don’t take more than 700-800 calories from mass gainer. Go with solid food and natural.

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nutrition of mass gainers

Mass gainers are not the drink which can help you gain weight overnight.
Yes, mass gainers are basically the meal replacements. Preparing a meal and eating solid food takes time while drinking shakes take few minutes.
A mass gainer is a proper meal with an adequate amount of protein, carbs and, fats. Mass gainers also contain BCAA’s, glutamine, and creatine, a variety of other essential nutrients that are necessary for our body. It also enhances your performance in the gym.

What you see before buying any mass gainer?

Generally, mass gainers are loaded with carbohydrates. You must check the nutritional fact of it before buying.
main points you must check
1. There should be at least 30% protein in 1 scoop of mass gainer
2. Check the quantity of sugar in 1 scoop if it is highly loaded with sugar then you must drop that gainer or check for other brands.
3. Carbohydrates should be 40% in 1 scoop, not more than that.

benefits of mass gainer

1. mass gainers helps you to build muscle faster

This is the most common benefit for which people buy mass gainer.
Mass gainers also contain the right amount of protein into it, which helps in protein synthesis. Some mass gainers include so much amount of protein that people don’t even consume that much protein in a whole day.

2.helps in better and faster recovery

When we exercise, our muscle glycogen levels go down. So by taking mass gainer just after finishing the workout, increase the glycogen levels rapidly. This rapid increase in glycogen levels is perfect for gaining mass.

3.without eating more gain weight easily

As we have already discussed, mass gainers help in gaining weight. They are loaded with a high amount of calories, which allows you to go on a caloric surplus.
You must be wondering how much calories should I take, Use this calorie calculator to know your daily calorie intake to gain weight
Click here

whar are the side-effects of mass gainers


1.mass gainers sometimes cause stretch marks

Yes, when you increase weight drastically, your skin stretches and causing stretch marks. Getting a lot of weight in a short period is one of the most fundamental reasons for stretch marks after pregnancy in women.
In starting days, purple colored stretch marks are there; then, with time, it turns into skin color.
Usually, people get stretch marks on thighs, biceps, and shoulders.

2.mass gainer increases fat percentage

There is a famous quote, ” Carbohydrates don’t make you fat, but too many Carbohydrates can help you to gain fat.” They are full of carbohydrates, so as a result, we end up getting fat also. It is always advisable to don’t take mass gainers when you want to gain lean muscle mass.

3.cause many diseases because of sugar

The quantity of sugar is also extremely high in some mass gainers, which can cause a variety of health diseases. Too much sugar is very harmful to our bodies. Weight gain, heart disease, insomnia, low energy are some side-effects of sugar.
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