How to take apple cider vinegar for weight loss-Uses of apple cider vinegar??

People have been using apple cider vinegar for a long time due to its fantastic health benefits. In different countries, it is used as a healthy drink in their day to day life.
It helps in reducing the blood pressure and also helps in minimizing the cholesterol levels.

But how can you use apple cider vinegar for your health benefits like…
How to take apple cider vinegar for weight/fat loss?
How much time apple cider vinegar can help you to lose weight or belly fat?

How to take apple cider vinegar for quick results?

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is used by people all around the world since it has many health benefits.
Apple cider vinegar is made by cutting down the apples into small pieces and then combining it with yeast. So that the sugar present in apple converts into juice. Then bacteria is added for the fermentation of ethanol into acetic acid.
By the traditional method, it takes around one month to make apple cider vinegar drink. But some companies, by artificial means or by accelerating the process, make it in 1-2 days.

Apple cider vinegar contains potassium into it and many other anti-oxidants, which are very good for our health.
It is a very low-calorie drink 15ml of apple cider vinegar contains only three calories. It also protects our body from various toxins and different harmful bacteria, which can damage our health.
Acetic acid, which is also known as ethanoic acid, is the main ingredient of apple cider vinegar. The percentage of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is 5-6%.
There are many health benefits of it, but the most common and the most famous is fat loss and weight loss.
Since acetic acid is present into it and acetic acid has properties of reducing fat loss by crushing the body fat build-up.
So we will discuss in more detail how apple cider vinegar helps in weight loss or fat loss…

why use apple cider vinegar for fat loss?

1.minimal calorie drink

Apple cider vinegar comprises very few calories. Around 15 ml of it holds three calories only. Drink one tablespoon of ACV in the morning with one glass of water for fat loss.

2.suppress fat accumulation in the body

According to one of the studies, it was found that acetic acid, which is the main component of ACV found to suppress large quantities.
The study took place on 144 overweight Japanese peoples; they asked them to receive either one tablespoon of ACV drink or two tablespoons.

Those who took one tablespoon for 12 weeks
-approximate 1.2kg weight loss
-drop in body fat percentage by 0.7%
-waist circumference also decreases by 1.4cm

Those who took two tablespoons for 12 weeks
-estimated 1.7 kg weight loss
-drop in body fat percentage by 0.9%
-waist circumference also decreases by 1.9cm

By this study, we can easily conclude by taking 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can help you to drop your weight and reduce your body fat percentage.

3. keeps you fuller for a more extended period

Apple cider vinegar consists of acetic acid, which can make you feel full for an extended period. By this you will be eating less and also prevents you from eating again and again in a short time. In this way, you will be consuming lesser calories than before, which results in weight loss.

4. helps in controlling blood sugar levels

Studies have shown that apple cider vinegar helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels, especially with a high carb meal diet. In one of the studies, it was found those who used apple cider vinegar with high carb meal had a 55% lesser blood sugar response after one hour of eating. Stabilized blood sugar levels are necessary to guarantee a healthy and efficient weight loss.

How to take apple cider vinegar for weight loss-Uses of apple cider vinegar??



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how to take apple cider vinegar for fat loss?

  1. Never use apple cider vinegar directly; it is highly acidic may cause harm. Dilute it by mixing it with water so that you don’t consume a high amount of acid.
  2. Take apple cider vinegar before meals so that it can control the insulin spike, which we get after a high carb meal.
  3. You can even make a salad dressing with olive oil for fat loss.
  4. Don’t consume in excess. excessive usage may cause harmful effects on your health as it is acidic

other health benefits of apple cider vinegar

helps in lowering the sugar levels and insulin

When we consume apple cider vinegar with a high carb meal, it can significantly reduce the sugar levels and control the insulin spike.

helps in decreasing cholesterol levels

In studies, it was found that the use of apple cider vinegar increases the good HDL cholesterol and reducing the bad LDL cholesterol.

fight against harmful bacteria and toxins

It protects our body from a variety of harmful bacteria and viruses, which may cause severe adverse health effects.

lowering the blood pressure

Animal studies recommend that vinegar may lower blood pressure by hindering the enzyme liable for squeezing blood vessels.


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